Why Celebrities Need To Hire Bodyguards?

In the celebrity industry, hiring a bodyguard is commonplace, with world-famous, high-net-worth individuals being observed surrounded by security staff to keep them secure and worry-free from any oncoming, yet invisible, risk. However, wealthy and affluent individuals without celebrity status are increasingly turning to such services as well, believing that their affluence makes them an easy target for crooks.

Europe’s western major cities were formerly considered among of the safest in the world, giving the world’s top 1% of earnings a sense of calm confidence when strolling the streets – whether for shopping, a night out, or simply visiting a friend. Today, the same walk in some of the most affluent neighborhoods – even in London’s upscale Mayfair or Paris’s Champs-Elysees – can prove to be a completely different experience, putting fear into the hearts of those who merely wish to go about their business.

The trend for hiring a personal security company bodyguard is stronger than ever, according to Fidel Matola, president and CEO of Spetsnaz Security International, even in elite locations like Monaco, where royalty, Formula One drivers, and business tycoons coexist peacefully. This is one of the reasons the company provides its services there. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the high life, a subtle but distinct risk lurks on the outskirts, and with death threats, muggings, and even kidnappings becoming more regular, it’s more important than ever to invest in a competent security service.

Having said that, some celebrities appear to be unconcerned about the dangers, and are frequently seen alone in London, especially late at night. It may be a welcome sight, but the true scope of any potential risk is often hidden – and such efforts may be considered silly when so much is at stake.

In recent years, however, perceptions toward personal safety in Paris have evolved as a result of a series of brutal and high-profile attacks that have left the 1% reeling. This has included the case of Indian Bollywood star Mallika Sherawat, who was assaulted by three masked men, as well as Kim Kardashian’s violent burglary and assault at her Paris vacation house.

From terrorism to political instability, a variety of everyday events can exacerbate the peace, and you never know what’s around the corner. It appears that hiring a bodyguard is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity for people who may be in danger.

“At Spetsnaz Security International, our objective is to make high net worth and affluent individuals feel safe and protected in every situation,” explains Matola.

“In Monaco, we provide tight bodyguard protection to VIPs, CEOs, families, and anybody else who might be in danger, and after doing a thorough security threat assessment, we develop a comprehensive strategy that is aimed to keep them not only safe, but also at ease.”

“Our dependable, exclusive operators are of the highest caliber and will provide protection as needed, which may include a visible and overt presence to dissuade would-be criminals from approaching, or a more quiet and covert approach, depending on the situation.”

“We basically personalize the service we deliver to each client’s specific demands.” There are a variety of reasons why someone could hire a bodyguard, and they are not always the same for everyone.”

Why would you employ a bodyguard?

There are several reasons why someone might be deemed at risk, ranging from having a large wealth to carrying sensitive and valuable information to simply being famous. Politicians and MPs, members of the royal family, music artists, and high-profile actors have all been the target of some sort of attack, whether it was an attempt to defraud them or gain access to their bank accounts, or simply the over-amorous approach of a passionate fan.

Children from wealthy families are frequently the target of unwelcome attention, with ransom kidnappings becoming increasingly regular – and more wealthy parents than ever are hiring bodyguards to safely transport their children to and from school and keep them out of harm’s way.

“At Spetsnaz, we’ve looked after a wide range of clients of all ages – though we’d never say who because of secrecy.” And each one has brought its own set of circumstances, which we have gone out of our way to accommodate,” Matola explains.

“All of our close Protection Operatives follow a specific protocol that prioritizes our clients’ privacy and reputation. Each operator has undergone comprehensive training and is SIA Close Protection licensed, ensuring that only the highest standards of service are provided. We can cater to every situation, from youngsters to teenagers, adults to the elderly, and our crew is perfectly ready to do so, whatever the situation or reason.”

Such high standards are demanded of the wealthy – and why shouldn’t they be? You get what you pay for, as the saying goes, and if you’re prepared to pay for the best services money can buy, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s no surprise that Spetsnaz has a legion of dedicated admirers and life-long clients thanks to their unwaveringly professional attitude – from polished dress code to on-point manners – in accordance with the cultural, political, and religious setting into which they are deployed.

It appears that hiring a private bodyguard is no longer exclusive to the A-List, and is quickly becoming a critical investment for anyone perceived to be at risk. As the globe returns to relative normalcy following the current Covid-19 pandemic, with the rich and famous back on the streets and temptation at an all-time high, we should predict a further surge in this trend in 2021.

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