Stubborn Fables about Australian pokies

Fable 1. A New Pokie Machine Pays More

It is a fable that a new online pokies in Australia that has just come onto the market pays more than other pokies machines. An online pokie machine always has a fixed payout percentage.

This percentage is calculated based on complicated calculation models and cannot be temporarily adjusted. A new pokie machine cannot temporarily pay out more, not even immediately after its introduction.

Yet it is not so strange that many people believe in this fable. When a pokie machine is new, it is tried and tested a lot. There are many players and, therefore, relatively more winners than with the other pokies games. That is why it seems as if new pokie machines pay out more than old ones.

Fable 2. If you Lose a Lot, you have a Better Chance of Winning

Many people think that if you have lost a lot of money on a particular pokie machine, you are more likely to make a big win after that. This thought of gamblers worldwide is also known as the ‘Gambler’s Fallacy.’ However, the ‘Gambler’s Fallacy’ is not a fact but a fable.

A pokie machine does not have a hard drive with memory. The pokie machine does not know whether you have lost a lot or won a lot. Each spin is separate from the previous one and is, therefore, one hundred percent independent.

This means that you don’t have a greater chance of winning because of long-term losses. Do you often lose in a row? Then you don’t have a better chance of winning, just bad luck.

Fable 3. More Winning Lines Increase Your Chances of Winning

The fact that Aussie pokies have more winning lines is also a fable. On a pokie machine with more winning lines, you have more winning combinations, but the payout percentage remains the same.

This means that you get more small payouts than on a pokie machine with fewer pay lines. Your odds of winning are no more significant.

Fable 4. After a Big Prize, a Pokie Machine Temporarily does Not Payout

Many people think that an online pokie that has just given away the jackpot will temporarily pay out nothing. They prefer to play another pokie machine if a pokie machine has only paid out large winnings.

Yet this is not necessary. A pokie machine, as mentioned earlier, has no memory. Therefore, the pokie machine has not remembered that a large prize has just been paid out. The chance of winning again on the same pokie machine has not diminished.

Fable 5. It would be Best if you Bet Maximum for the Jackpot

Some pokie machines do indeed have the rule that you have to bet the maximum to have a chance of winning the jackpot. However, this is not the case with many Australian online pokies.

There are plenty of stories of players who won the jackpot on pokies with a small bet of, for example, $1. So it is certainly possible!

Fable 6. Online casinos can Manipulate Payouts

Some people think that online casinos fiddle with payouts. They believe that an online casino can stop the payout of a big win at the push of a button.

This is not the case. Online casinos are strictly controlled. If an online casino is even suspected of manipulation, the website is immediately closed. Those online casinos manipulate payouts is, therefore, a fable.

Fable 7. There are Strategies by which you Always Win

Some gamblers swear by a particular strategy. They claim that they always win with this strategy and have already earned thousands of dollars.

This may sound good, but these gamblers should not be believed. There are no strategies by which you always win. There are tips and advice to increase your chances of winning, but there is no golden strategy.

Fable 8. A lottery has a Bigger Chance of Winning than online pokies.

This is not true either. Research has shown that the win rate of lotteries is between 35% and 65%.

The winning percentage of pokie machines is much higher. It is 96%. That is why it is more interesting to spend your money on pokie machines than on lotteries.

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