How To Choose Modded PlayStation 4 Controller For Yourself?

Mega Modz Globe Purchasing Guide will put you if you’re on the industry to get control of the gambling console of one’s own choice. Choosing the gadget which may turn your gambling routine on takes exhaustive research of this current sector and isn’t simple and the services and products offered.

We’re offering this guide as an internet source of technical info, features summary, useful methods, and technology contrast to decrease the confusion many gamers experience once they end up at the center of a modified gambling mat buying procedure.

Now that you’re prepared to begin studying top Modz let us begin.

Modded Controllers

Every time a modchip is installed inside any gambling control gets modded. The processor moves on the buttons to this user’s benefit to the remote, hence enabling a gambling personality to execute activities from the game together with ease. There’s not any chance of the control hardware included at a modded construction process that is remote aside from comprising the processor utilizing an item won’t get your accounts together using Microsoft or Sony prohibited or frozen.

There really certainly are a whole good deal of modding organizations in the marketplace that offer their particular modchips that vary with a pair of facets like being a memory capacity, a chip speed, a couple of mods offered, etc.. To master all of the technical facets of Mega Modz mod-chip also to observe how it defeats your contest, see our Tech page.

Mods could be contrasted to perks which can be unlocked as the game advances, they have been fun and helpful, but perhaps maybe not. A mod control won’t do magic into your gambling performance, you are still going to need to target, conceal, analyze and float as if you normally do throughout the gameplay, however it is going to surely add an assortment of helpful skills that’ll boost your kills to passing ratio.

Play-station 4

Recently 2013 Sony play station arrived on the scene with a fresh DualShock 4 control that comprised a few improvements in comparison to the previous edition. It provided that better control as a result of improved sticks and activates, a multi-touch pad on the front, an improved battery, and also a brand new Chat button for immediate gaming accomplishments posting into the social-media. We’re eager also to begin supplying a quantity of alterations remotes as ones and also to unleash the platform.

X-box One

Published in November of 2013, a brand fresh x-box One control proved to be a substantial advancement in the prior creation of xbox360 remotes. Control contour combined side responsive activates, thumbsticks, d pad, and bumpers were sensitive to consumer moves and given accuracy and better grasp. Mega Modz team completed the growth of x box One mod-chip offering their variations and options.


DualShock 3 remotes are around on the videogames market and also have gained excellent popularity because of their endurance and reliability. We’ve now already been selling PS3 controls that were modded out of your afternoon a single offering for design personalization choices and up to 13 available that were operational alterations.

With that, the requirement for remotes that were modified that were PS3 consoles has diminished, however, the item remains available and will be customized to a person’s liking.

X Box Console

X box controllers were introduced comprising. Mega Modz was originally attempting to sell 1.0 pc software variant for xbox360 modified remotes but had to build up an even more high-level platform thanks to many requests by the clients. Found in 2015 and available now, 2.0 Xbox 360 console platform exactly fits with the one for your own x box One offering equivalent options and programming choices.

Higher Level Controller Creator

We’re pleased to present a Controller Creator department that can be found on our site for most of your custom modded needs that are remote. Here, you’ll have the ability to construct your dream gadget out of scratch selecting from design choices and functional. Controller Creator’s notion will be always to reveal a look together with the description of the work of one’s control and that means that you can earn a decision price. Pricing breakdown extra design and also may help allocate the funding at away.

Build Your PS4 Controller

While establishing your ultimate gaming accessory, then you are going to have the ability to come across various functional and design characteristics to customize the appearance and the capacities of one’s brand-new PS-4 mod. You’re advised to choose from habit color switches, activates, thumbsticks, dpad, bumpers as well as also different control parts.

Concerning the functionality of a product, you may select from adding different mod packs or moving with game bundles that’ll incorporate all options compatible to get a game.

X-box Design Lab

Gaming controls customization has gotten so popular lately with all the users all around the world which Microsoft may no longer discount clients’ requests to be able to alter the expression of an x box One control with their own liking.

The business arrived on the scene using some design personalization options that can not be contrasted to features given at the Mega Modz platform. We’re offering a variety of colors and textures alongside an ability to own paddles to get control shell and switches.

Share Your Art

Configuring a personalized controller can be. When establishing your mod using Mega Modz, then you are going to have the ability to split the image of your customized product with friends and family during our Chat button through email or societal networking pages. Finding even a comment or advice from the team is of use and might help to build a gadget that is operational.


When you don’t have an opportunity for you to finish building your habit PlayStation or Xbox One control or don’t have any intention to complete the order right now you could keep your progress with the addition of your art to the wishlist. You are going to have the ability to recover your job later anytime when you’re prepared to generate a buy or want to have fun with all the options a few longer to be certain you’re becoming the remote of one’s fantasies.

Customized Controller With Paddles

To be able to be successful, a gamer would have to make use of more of the hands start designing a gamepad. Mega Modz Paddles option permits users obtaining activation points and remapping button that is standard functionality. Mega Modz paddle variant delivers the positioning on the item and a contour When you can find plenty of textures and paddle types provided on the current market.

Our paddles are immediate, once you do not feel as they have been installed at all, and want them. The alternative is essential-have in the modern video games world which works with almost any game in the marketplace.

X-box One And PS-4 Remappable Paddles

Paddle is an option that’ll turn round your Xbox or PlayStation controller’s operation. Microsoft started offering this functionality using its elite x box One control using two sets of paddles.

Mega Modz paddles for both Xbox and PlayStation controls are equal in size and shape as additional layouts we’ve tried did not offer as much usability options whilst the one. Our version includes strategic buttons that deliver response and clicking.

X Box Console Reprogrammable Mimic Buttons

For all x box 360 users, we have been happy to offer mimic buttons that are going to likely probably soon be installed on the rear of the control to get heightened usability. For utilizing the fingers buttons arrive exactly the purposes since the paddles and so, therefore, are set in a spot that is ideal.

Custom-design Paddles

Mega Modz paddles are available in numerous colors and options. Complete the design of your customized made Xbox or control with this paddles’ variant installed.

An LED running lighting option is designed for your own setup. Insert the feature on your control and we’re going to put in 4 small LEDs internally the paddles that’ll lit the control once it’s on. LED lights can turn into a routine remote into illuminating the one which is going to look particularly cool in a darkened room.

A remote may be updated. Each mod includes a special function or perhaps even a brand new skill that will be inserted into the functioning of one’s gaming personality and also needs to be utilized in some specific gambling situations/games so as to obtain the absolute most from its own functionality.

For more information on how exactly our mod options work and how they could satisfy your gambling requirements, visit directions page, and choose the form of a console.

Here’s a list their purposes and mod choices:


Shoots both wield handguns at precisely exactly the exact same time having a media of flame.

Auto Burst

Creates burst shooting for shooter weapons and semi-auto.

Automobile Position

Regions your enemies also shows them onto your own that is teammates.

Auto Sprint

Makes your soldier conduct without being forced to press the left thumb rod (always ).

Drop-shot +Jump-shot

Makes your soldier fall into a jump or the floor from the air and take.

Double Trigger

Pulls get Quick Fire on both to wield handguns and also both causes.

Fast Reload

Re loads firearms normal.


Decreases time taken between bursts for auto firearms.


Makes mods workin various button designs.

Speedy score

Scopes in requires descopes and also a snapshot having a time that is excellent.


Turns shot firearms and semi-auto.

Sniper Breath

Sniper’s breath when planning for accuracy.

Turbo Melee

Decreases enough time passed taken between tape strikes.


Auto goals from the chest or the zombie’s head.

Rapid-fire Mod

Rapid-fire mod comes automatically from most PlayStation or Xbox control unless the possibility was taken away. It supplies 10 and can be used with semi-auto and shotguns in first person shooting games. The alternative isn’t designed for firearms.

Programming Mode

Along with default option settings, many mod options provide you a programming style that makes it possible for users to input custom settings and also to locate the flaws if the case of some applications alters or for upcoming games.

Custom Light Emitting Diode Indicator

Each of the controls includes a habit LED index using four LEDs revealing Player inch. Player inch LED consistently shows the shooting mods just (QuickFire, Akimbo and so forth ) with all those producing a particular color allowing user know that which mod was triggered at any moment.

Player two through 4 LEDs suggest other distinctive mod options (drop-shot, Quickscope, and so forth ) having a particular color associated with every one of these.

Users could get three mod options activated to a single mod earning an overall total of 4 mods.

Controller Mod Alter

A mod turn is an additional button installed on the rear of the control that’s utilized to make customized settings, scroll between sub-modes, and to activate/deactivate mods. Throughout the gameplay, all of the mod options are managed through stock buttons.

Compatible Games

The prospective sounding games for the controllers is Person Shooters with the number of mods available series in addition to other gambling releases. You may discover all relevant details on games/mods compatibility via Games page.

CallofDuty Mods

The call is among many best selling game franchises of times that includes dynamics of great images and multiplayer warfare. The show’s triumph started with this title’s release.

Eleven to mod packs are all harmonious with each COD game. Three options can be varied as by the quantity – Jitter, Turbo Melee, and Quick re-load are suspicious for each release and ought to get analyzed on a genuine game. Their compatibility is dependent upon a game search engine.

BattleField Modded Controller

Battlefield is an award-winning collection of shooting games that began with the battlefield. BF releases provide you multiplayer conflicts with a focus on vehicle and teamwork combats.

Up to five mods are harmonious with BF games with QuickFire, Automobile Zone, and Sniper Breath being one of probably the very well-known ones.

Destiny Compatible Modded Controller

Destiny is among the shooters that have emerged in the industry recently but have gained fans due to science-fiction war, the narrative, and also the information.

Currently, five Destiny mod packs are being offered by us with a Fate package which was introduced after the game release in 2014. Destiny controls that are compatible are the bestsellers on the site and also we maintain receiving strong feedback.

All First-person-shooter Games

Rapidfire can be used with First Person Shooter games provided that they comprise single-shot firearms and Right or r 2 Trigger can be employed to take. Users may enjoy Quick Fire When Correct or r 1 Bumper is just actually really a shooting button.

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