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Many different sorts of enterprises rely on heavy haulage to meet their transportation demands. The options are infinite, from engineering firms to those working with renewable energy. So, which industries are the most likely to gain from heavy hauling services?

What is the definition of heavy haulage?

Heavy haulage, as the term implies, is the transportation of unusual loads that transcend standard heights and weights. These are often transported by category 2 and 3 vehicles, which must adhere to tight transportation requirements such as not exceeding 40 mph on highways and 35 mph on dual carriageways.

Which industries rely on heavy haulage?

Heavy haulage is a popular choice in many industries since it saves money and streamlines procedures. Here are a few of the most important industries that rely on haulage services:

Companies involved in renewable energy – assistance with the supply and logistics of wind turbines, components, and towers.

Aerospace and aviation entails the distribution of aerospace components and equipment to aircraft manufacturers and the space industry.

Agriculture – farming entails the use of heavy machinery such as tractors and other processing machinery. Heavy haulage services can assist with this, ensuring that the sector runs smoothly.

Transportation of oil and gas vessels from ports to factories or from factories to ports is part of the oil and gas sector.

Engineering and infrastructure – the transportation of unusual loads from point A to point B, such as large steel castings and steel components.

Civil and infrastructure – for the construction industry, we can move steel bridges, complicated constructions, tunnel boring equipment, and anomalous loads across the UK, Ireland, and Europe.

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What goes into the planning of each haulage trip?

It is critical for your organization to transport your plant or ensure that your critical equipment is delivered on schedule. The last thing you want is for your goods to be delivered late, so inquire about the planning process and how the organization functions logistically. An expert haulage company should have everything in order to fulfill your timeline and will not hesitate to explain it to you if necessary.

Do you provide specialized transportation for haulage?

Other enormous goods, such as sculptures, turbines, and bridge sections, need transportation services as well. If this relates to your organization, be sure to inquire about customised haulage services before hiring a provider to ensure that they will be able to satisfy your needs.

How much weight can you carry?

Although haulage trucks are built to handle large loads, all modes of transportation have their limitations. It’s a good idea to inquire about their vehicles’ maximum capacity to verify that they can manage your things. Most businesses, on the other hand, will have a fleet of several different trucks for a variety of loads.

We provide heavy lifting and transportation services all over the world at Northwest haulage companies. Our staff will make sure your load gets from point A to point B securely, whether it’s moving plant machinery to your site or delivering oil and gas. We place a high value on customer service and have a stellar reputation in the community. Get in contact with us immediately to learn more about our services.

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