First Actually Good Compound Miter Saw

Bosch continues to target lighter in weight, far more easily transportable strength equipment. This really is a very pleasant trend as I’m a massive proponent of top rated equipment that are easy to move from task to job. As part of that new concentrate they have got introduced the CM12, a 12 in . one bevel substance miter noticed.

Soon after testing this new saw on the job for a number of several weeks and once again during my go shopping I’d prefer to reveal my thoughts on this interesting cool product.

Performance and Accuracy

Bosch really performed a fantastic job using this new discovered. I’ve for ages been amazed with the standard of Bosch miter saws. Nonetheless, they have been so awkward and heavy that we disliked moving them from work to career. With the development of the CM12 I will feel positive that whether it is myself or my crew they may have a great top quality compound miter saw at work internet site that’s an easy task to move. In the end it means more productiveness, less probabilities for injury and ideally a lot more profits.

My ideas on the brand

Bosch CM12 Becoming Transported One particular Handed Portability – I’m very satisfied with the CM12 design and style since it concerns convenience. Bosch did a fantastic job acquiring not only the body weight well balanced nevertheless the discovered folds in to a really compact design that is easy to carry.

Evaluating in at 43 pounds and combined with a large hold manage that allows you to have the discovered near to you body, the CM12 is easily carried with a single fingers.

Efficiency – Trans-portability is excellent but a job site miter noticed has got to get the job done. First i want to say I think of this even more of a framing and common development saw than a finish off a single. That being said this found was designed to handle the daily repetitive tasks. As an example, the 12″ blade will be able to minimize 2×8’s at 90 diplomas and 2×6’s at 45 degrees. Although that doesn’t noise overly outstanding the reality is that covers a huge most of the reductions we make.

Miter Measure

Precision – I have go to expect preciseness from Bosch miter saws as well as the CM12 is no exception. This saw is easy to calibrate and creates accurate miter slashes over and over. The built-in miter saw detents work as released as well as create correct effects.

The Bosch CM12 miter found delivers building contractors and serious DIY’ers a cost-effective large potential miter found that is extremely mobile. Costed around $350 the CM12 is a superb worth. This can be a discovered i recommend for any individual looking for the best all around standard function miter saw.

Close enough – Second in the line

If you visit pretty much any job site in the USA chances are you’ll see a minimum of one DEWALT instrument, and there’s a good chance it will be a miter discovered. DEWALT didn’t get this well-known or popular just through promoting and industry saturation. They received it by making dependable, highly effective, specialist level equipment, at the affordable price. The DW717 10″ moving compound miter noticed is a good instance of DEWALT’s capacity to take a fantastic instrument to showcase that isn’t the lowest priced around but it won’t break the bank sometimes. So let’s get a closer look.

Out from the Pack

The initial thing I put my practical having a miter found is definitely the take care of. If this sounds like uncomfortable or uneasy there’s no level at checking out the features because that saw will not be proceeding to work for me! Around the DEWALT the deal with is side to side using a induce about the kept area. The deal with is cozy and the set off is large and contains no security so it’s pretty simple to operate this saw with heavier hand protection on. The blade guard has eyesight slits in it which permit you to view the job bit and line up a reduce.

This style is helpful but I still discover myself positioning the blade guard up so I can get yourself a complete view of the task part. The design we tested also was included with the DWS7085 Guided work light, which casts a shadow of the blade in the job bit. This is among st the most useful lights/guides I have employed which really rates issues up and increases accuracy and reliability, which reduces waste.

At 51 pounds this saw is not really a light-body weight but it’s not really a boat anchor both (some saws in this particular type consider correct around 70 lbs). So whilst you might not be 1-hand having this found it is simple enough to maneuver the work site by yourself. The very best handle is fairly well balanced for people instances when you should hold the discovered one particular-given along with the area grips underneath the kitchen table have eased edges creating for comfortable transporting.


From the pack the blade was approximately 1/16″ from rectangular together with the fence over about five in .. Although this was slightly frustrating towards the miter positioning is easily tweaked. The sliding area of the fencing have been also about 1/32″ establish-back from the reduced, fixed portion of the fence. The bevel adjustments and stops had been okay however. Thus it had taken a few minutes to obtain the discovered tuned up and modified but when done it should carry for a long whilst.


The DEWALT 10″ Sliding Substance Miter Found DW717 has miter detents at , that can be easily overridden by possibly disappointing the lock or by flipping the override knobs located on either sides in the miter desk. The bevel secure is a large lever on top of the rear of the discovered. My only gripe here is the dust assortment handbag somewhat impedes the bevel lock lever. So with increased difficult alterations you will need to remove the dust collection bag to open and lock the bevel realignment. A good characteristic relating to this found is that with the exception of the set off itself most controls in the noticed are ambidextrous.

Fencing have wingnut hair that open easily and permit the fences to slip to either side, either to deliver additional assistance for too long function pieces or even to make area for bevel reductions. Push fences are the way to go while they eliminate the chance of losing or damaging a eliminated fencing or perhaps the slop located in the flip type fencing.

This found contains a fabric clamp. It’s not the quickest fabric clamp around however it is useful and holds function firmly into position if needed. You will find a wingnut fasten that allows for hard level change as well as a knob to secure along the operate item. Reliable, basic, trustworthy.

Travelling bag

The push is reasonably sleek on the DEWALT DW717, however there are no bumpers hence the start and finish from the glide stop somewhat unexpectedly. This may jar the blade slightly and trigger reductions to become a very little rougher compared to they might otherwise be. I had been a little bit surprised at this and it will be an easy resolve by incorporating silicone o-bands.

The dust particles bag is small, and doesn’t have space for a whole lot of dirt but it is possible to nice and clean by helping cover their the zippered launching. When addicted to a dirt extractor the airborne dirt and dust selection was very good, recording the vast majority of dust made.

All round

This can be a reliable workhorse of a found. A lot of power and capacity, some great features, and well planned out layout. The one thing retaining it back is actually a somewhat poorly intersecting bevel lock handle and dirt series travelling bag and some precision issues out of the package.

But this would be distinct over a situation-by-case foundation. The DEWALT 10″ Slipping Ingredient Miter Found DW717 is a superb discovered for framers and outside clip and house siding installers because of exceptional energy, good accuracy and reliability, outstanding lower capability, and all around longevity inside a portable deal. I’d do not have problem recommending this found to anyone looking for a good saw which will previous for a long time with a affordable selling price.

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